Monday, May 4, 2009

Alyssa goes to Washington DC & NY

ummm.....well my mom just handed me her computer and said write about my trip. well um if any of you want to know its really exciting to take pictures the first day and then the picture taking excitement just gradually goes away. lets see what else well new york was fabulous times square is so amazing and very crowded. also it seems everyone in that city is always impatient to get somewhere. its probably a good thing i don't live there because i would end up getting myself lost and just going in tons of circles. the broadway show we saw was little mermaid and it was so cool to finally see a play on broadway. i looked right at a strobe light right when it flashed and was blind for about the next 5 minutes but other than that the singing was really good and it was just so cool to see. lets see going to all the monuments was lots of fun a few of them actually made me cry, tear, they were the holocaust monument and the vietnam wall, and arlington cemetary. well lets see its hard to think on the spot about what we went and saw unless i start this huge conversation and you probably wouldn't want to read that cuz i get off topic way to easy for that one, anyway well if you ever have the chance to go to these places i suggest you take it because it is so amazing well if you want to know anything else just post a comment or whatever it is you do on these things well all i can say was it was lots of fun and want to go again next year so bad.(im still working on that one with my mom, its not working to well at this point)!!! luv you guys!!! :):):)

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