Friday, May 22, 2009

Justin's Mission update

It has been a long wait and some hard decisions to make, but Justin has decided to accept an honorable release for medical reasons. I know that he really wanted to go out in the mission field and serve, but Heavenly Father apparently has other plans for him. This has been hard to accept, no one saw it coming but reality has sunk in.

Justin will continue to attend MCC this coming year, probably earning an AA degreee before moving on to a university. Or he may go to a university sooner, who knows, time will tell. He does have to figure out what direction he wants to head now, he has most of the general ed classes done and will have to start taking major specific classes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ryan's Baseball Banquet

Mesa High,

another year done,

another baseball season past,

one more to go, how time flies...

Are you ready for this?

"What can I say about Ryan?? Oh ya, I got it, tell about his grand slam."

One Grand Slam is good for another. I was able to get Denny's to donate 5 Grand Slam Breakfasts so each of the 5 grand slams hit this season were aptly rewarded. Ryan happened to have hit one of the grand slams (if you missed the video, see it here --

Mrs. Downs took some wonderful pictures and spent a lot of time putting this collage together, she made a custom one for each of the team members

Alyssa School Awards Assembly

Alyssa's First Award was for Academic Excellence, she had to maintain a GPA of 4.0 or higher for the first three quarters of the year. Here is Mr. Johnson explaining the award. The video isn't very good because of the view we had and the people in front of us were moving causing the camera to not be able to focus very well-oh well, we got the audio.

Here is her award:

The second award that she received was the Mayor Citizenship Award. Students who received this award had to meet the following criteria:

  • consistently demonstrates honesty in behavior and work habits
  • works cooperatively with others
  • respects rules and follows directions
  • displays self-control
  • takes responsibility for his or her actions
  • respects the opinions, rights, and property of others
  • shows community spirit by participating in volunteer or extra-curricular activities

End of Year Band Concert

The highlight of the year, the kids got to play:

Phantom of the Opera

So, Here's Alyssa and the rest of the band playing Phantom

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alyssa goes to Washington DC & NY

ummm.....well my mom just handed me her computer and said write about my trip. well um if any of you want to know its really exciting to take pictures the first day and then the picture taking excitement just gradually goes away. lets see what else well new york was fabulous times square is so amazing and very crowded. also it seems everyone in that city is always impatient to get somewhere. its probably a good thing i don't live there because i would end up getting myself lost and just going in tons of circles. the broadway show we saw was little mermaid and it was so cool to finally see a play on broadway. i looked right at a strobe light right when it flashed and was blind for about the next 5 minutes but other than that the singing was really good and it was just so cool to see. lets see going to all the monuments was lots of fun a few of them actually made me cry, tear, they were the holocaust monument and the vietnam wall, and arlington cemetary. well lets see its hard to think on the spot about what we went and saw unless i start this huge conversation and you probably wouldn't want to read that cuz i get off topic way to easy for that one, anyway well if you ever have the chance to go to these places i suggest you take it because it is so amazing well if you want to know anything else just post a comment or whatever it is you do on these things well all i can say was it was lots of fun and want to go again next year so bad.(im still working on that one with my mom, its not working to well at this point)!!! luv you guys!!! :):):)