Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sports and Alyssa

My dear busy daughter keeps us running from one activity to the next. Alyssa always has her hands in any activity that comes her way. YW volleyball, school track and field, club swimming, bowling league, piano, band, friends and school all seem to fit into her days.
Alyssa participated in the All City Track and field meet, took first place in discus, then ran immediately to her band concert. Shorts and T-shirt to church dress in a few minutes and she is equally at ease in either.

One busy day last week had her up at 6:30 am, off to school at 8, home from school at 4, swim practice from 4:15-6:30, volleyball from 7-9 pm, and then homework, to bed and then to start over again the next morning.

This morning brought an early morning cold and windy swim meet, then straight to bowling. Bowling has been a daddy/daughter activity, but I really need to go and get some pictures of her bowling.

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