Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Thanks Ashley for the dyed egg, a perfect picture to start off the memories of family captured today.

Easter Baskets for Justin, Ryan and Alyssa.
(The Easter Bunny was unable to locate the box with their baskets in it and all the other fun decorations)

Of course, the only picture of me is when I sat down to eat. --I guess that is not quite true, there are several of me holding Alexis, you just don't see my face.
Kenny also got a chance to sit and eat after Bar-B-Que'ing
I think Shaun got lucky and finished dinner before getting his picture snapped.
KeriAnne got caught eating also.
Justin and Ryan sitting at the table after finishing their dinner (are we seeing a pattern about food and holidays?)
oops, not a one picture got taken of Alyssa, she must have been hiding which is unusual, she usually is in most of the pictures.
Bethany is away at BYU, so no pictures of her, She will be home for the weekend in two weeks and we will try to get a family picture taken then.
---More Family---
Ali (Travis' Step-daughter), her baby Alexis and Ashley in the background.

Chris, Ali's boyfriend and Alexis' Dad
Cody, Travis' son
Travis, James and Dylan (KeriAnne's boys)
Kaitlynn, KeriAnne's Daugher

Ashley Zimmerman

And then there's Cameron

Alexis with Aunt ChrisAlexis with Aunt Chris


P.S.S. Alyssa just informed me that the reason she is not in any of the pictures is because I ordered her to take pictures!!!!!!!


  1. All too cute!
    I think we need to something besides eat at these family things, though.

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun and some really yummy food.