Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Year's Eve




Cameron and Bethany


We got together with a bunch of friends and family around the corner from our house. Some families in our ward that all live together closed off the street in front of their houses and rented jumping toys and inflatable slides, everyone brought food and drinks, we all sat around the firepits talking and laughing with each other while the kids played. Alyssa took a bunch of pictures of KeriAnne's kids with her new camera.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowboarding Fun

One of the gifts that some of the kids received this year for Christmas was the opportunity to go snowboarding the Saturday following Christmas. Bethany, Ryan, Alyssa and Ashley (KeriAnne's daughter) set out to have a lot of fun snowboarding and falling. Or maybe I should say lots of falling and less snowboarding on the girls part. Alyssa will make sure to tell you that she had to fall on purpose once, one of the supports for the ski lift was 3 ft. in front of her and she couldn't stop or turn, we all agreed that falling was a good idea in this situation. Ryan had lots of fun leaving the girls in the dust (or maybe a better word would be powder). He got to take a run on his own first, then took one run teaching or trying to teach the girls and then it was every man or woman for themselves.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

5K walk to remember Shane Cory Figueroa


Friends from our ward


Our family was blessed to know Shane while he was still alive. Unfortunately he was killed while on duty with the Phoenix Police Department. This walk helps raise money to help the families of fallen public service officers. Tragically, our state lost 4 valuable officers this year.

Shane's wife Melisha and her mother have given piano lessons to my girls for the last 7 years. Melisha's parents live just a few houses down the street from us and are very good friends of ours. Shane also leaves behind a now 5 month old daughter Kenzlie.