Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remembering Thanksgiving

What are we most thankful for? Our Family!!! and the opportunity to get together with them on a regular basis. This year we decided to have a no frills dinner --paper plates and all --and enjoy more time together, I did cook a turkey and made creamed peas and boiled potatoes, KeriAnne made deviled eggs (her specialty) but we bought the rolls, the gravy, the pies, microwaved some corn, olives, broccoli salad from Costco, and forgot to get the cranberry sauce out of the fridge. (what's a holiday without some part of the meal staying in the fridge only to be found when putting leftovers away?) What would a family get together be without clam dip? That was Alyssa's job this year, her turn to learn how to make it just right and she passed the test.

Kaitlynn Christine Alyssa
Ashley, perusing the ads for good deals on Black Friday.

Cameron enjoying his version of Thanksgiving dinner with Justin.

Someone must have told a great joke for Bethany to laugh at.

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