Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve at Grandma Deanne's


Kaitlynn & Ashley

Dylan & KeriAnne

Grandma Deanne, Aunt Reesha and Cole


Every year since Kenny and I were married we have spent Christmas Eve at his parents house. The last several years it has just been his mom's house. (since his parents divorce) The tree, the gifts, the reading of the Christmas story in the Bible or as in the case this year, reading about the true meaning of Christmas. Since KeriAnne and Shaun have moved back to the valley, KeriAnne and the kids have joined us most years. It was a small group of just family this year, very Some years there are so many family and friends that you can hardly move around. Here are some highlights from our evening.
Alyssa and Ashley, Alyssa with her everpresent book, doesn't leave home without one.

Kenny and Ryan

Kenny and Ryan debating something.

KeriAnne, Cameron & Dylan

Cameron is ready to walk and get into everything.


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